About 5 Diamond Lodging

In 1998, our family bought a lovely townhouse in Frisco, Colorado. Like you're doing right now, we shopped all the local property management companies trying to find the best fit for our needs and the care we felt our substantial investment deserved. We never found that perfect fit, so, we tapped into our hospitality backgrounds and began marketing and promoting our townhouse independently. We were successful beyond our expectations and soon other owners in the area asked us if we'd be willing to market theirs as well! Our approach started working for them too and 5 Diamond Lodging was born! Since then, we've been focusing our full attention on the details of making our business the most innovative, high quality, honest and fair service available in the Colorado High Country.

Why 5 Diamond is Different

Many things set 5 Diamond Lodging apart from the crowd, not least of which is our low commission percentage which we're able to offer due to our low overhead combined with state-of-the-art technology. Our full-service vacation rental management is offered at an attractive 30% of your net rental revenue. We feel that's extremely reasonable.

Additionally, we believe we're the first management company in the area to offer our Four Tier Solution SM. Now you have a choice between Traditional Management, Shared-Duty Management, Rent-By-Owner Assistance, or Absentee Owner Assurance. No matter your situation or desires, 5 Diamond Lodging has anticipated your needs and is here to help!

We promise to always keep the following facts in mind:
  • We know that we work for YOU.
  • You have the right to choose how you'd like to manage your property. Some of you might like traditional management services at our low commission percentage or you may choose to rent it out yourself and just use our fee-based services and pay no commission. Hey! It's yours! You decide how to balance rental income vs. personal use or rentals - not us.
  • You have the right to a Management Company that will get to know and treat your property as if it were our own.
  • You have the right to a Management Company that doesn't treat your property as inventory but takes the time to match potential guests to the property that best fits their needs. We'll never put a group of 12 in a two-bedroom just to fill the dates, it would be bad for your guests who would never return, and it would cause undue wear-and-tear on your home.
  • You have the right to a Management Company that makes it perfectly plain to potential guests that they are renting your Home-Away-From-Home, and that it must be treated with respect.
We are building our business based on what we, as fellow owners, would expect, and each day our "return guest" base grows. Your guests will know and appreciate they are getting superior accommodations, quality service, restaurant suggestions, help with equipment rental ideas, discount lift tickets and so much more.

We're constantly working to improve our services to you and your guests and we're proud to be the first in Summit County to introduce our innovative Four Tier Solution SM. Your renters are also diligently reminded that they are guests in the Home-Away-From-Home of a fellow high country enthusiast and that they should treat it as they would their own. It's what we expect, and what you deserve.
Julie McAleer, Owner
Hannah May, Office Manager